Global Director of Panel Profiling

Deadline 30 September, 2019 Position Ref: 1265

Senior Project and Panel Operations Manager


Global Director of Panel Profiling


The client is the parent company of several of the world’s leading digital market research companies.  They connect businesses and consumers to deliver real-time insights to companies of all sizes.  We are uniquely placed to continue to lead and innovate the market research industry through the combination of powerful technology, industry expertise and seamless access to 26 million global influencers. 


They are a global consumer insights company that delivers on the mission of Insights on Demand.  Their end-to-end insights platform is one of a kind, where audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely integrated with one another, and community, accessible through one interface, empowering the adoption of agile research approaches, enterprise-level research programs and ultimately better and quicker decision making. 


They are a fast-growing market research technology and services organization in need of an executive level marketing leader.  This is a great opportunity to join a dedicated and talented leadership team to lead one of the most business-critical initiatives for the group



We are seeking a dynamic, innovative and passionate individual to join the Global Supply group and lead the profiling and router strategy.  This role is critical to maintain their role as the market leader in consumer insights and supporting significant global revenue growth.  The ideal candidate will lead one of the key responsibilities of the Supply team which is to enrich the profiling information we hold on the community members to enhance our ability to target specific audiences.  The profiling information collected is a mix of declarative data (answers to profiling questionnaires), behavioral data (meters installed on respondent devices) and appended information from third-party databases (Market Segmentations, DMPs…).


The role of the Global Profiling and Routing Director is to plan and execute a strategy to capture in real time a large volume of profiling data while making sure the data corresponds to the existing or future Business needs.  Also, to optimize the utilization of the profiling information we hold on these respondents, we are constantly improving our routing technology to make sure we send the relevant respondent to the most adequate survey matching with his/her profile.

An ideal candidate will be a seasoned supply leader within the market research industry and has a strong grasp on emerging strategies and tactics to improve the profiling of panelists and the usage of those profiles.  You must possess a proven track record of team building and innovation.  We are a fast-moving organization and the ideal candidate should be a self-starter capable of juggling many challenging projects and quickly adapting to changes in the market.   



  • Excellent opportunity to build, lead and establish the strategic direction for a critical part of our organization.
  • Entrepreneurial atmosphere allows you the room to grow as fast as you can!
  • Global organization with forward-thinking professionals who pride themselves on thinking big, collaborating and learning.   



  • Lead the profiling team, profiling strategy and router algorithm development.
  • Develop and implement short- and long-term plans for increasing the collection and usage of profile data
  • Lead, hire and continue to grow the global profiling team.
  • Identify opportunities of differentiation within profile collection and audience segmentation to maintain their position as a market leader
  • Identify external sources to supplement profiling data that can be used to supplement community information
  • Be the profiling and router spokesperson across the group and create strong relationships with stakeholders across key groups functions; operations, sales, supply and marketing
  • Identify business needs to improve supply router algorithm in coordinal with R&D teams
  • Be a though leader within the industry and product development community



  • 7+ years of experience market research panel and community experience
  • 4+ years in a market research or product position with experience managing a global profiling team
  • Expert understanding of market research specific to panel management, sampling and profile collection
  • Expert with tools associated to research, insights, analytics, sampling and surveying.
  • Experience in developing and leading the creation of product roadmaps, profiling strategy and executing across multiple groups around the globe.
  • You must be innovative, creative, dedicated and possess high energy.
  • Work effectively with sales, services and marketing and be able to easily explain the profiling strategy direction and effectively collect client/business feedback to improve the panel/community experience
  • You must have strong presentation and communication skills.



  • Location: Wilton CT or New York City
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Reports directly to the Global Head of Supply


New York, NY, or Wilton, CT




36 Months

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