NLP Expert

Deadline 14 September, 2018 Position Ref: 736
Skills Required

XML HTML CSS Web Applications AJAX XHTML JavaScript SOAP REST R (Data Processing & Statistical Analysis) Master's Degree NLP systems information systems Asynchronous JavaScript

Additional Skills

Angular JS GIT Python NoSQL Database SQLite Apache Lucene SAP Business Object (BO) XML-RPC Data dissemination & exploitation interoperability AS D3 Ruby 2.2 Elasticsearch 2.3 Kibana 4.0 Kibi 3.0 Leaflet XML HTTP Request JSON-RPC


NLP (Natural Language Processing)



Total Experience (months or years)



Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Gathering business requirements 
  • Developing of text mining solutions 
  • Transform PDF/Doc into plain text, using open-source tools or developing new libraries, then applit Natural Language Processing analysis on top of them
  • Data modelling 
  • Design and development of reporting applications 
  • Physical DB design 
  • Elaboration of test programmes 
  • Writing of technical documentation 
  • Assistance with deployment and configuration of the system 
  • Participation in technical working groups, progress meetings and meetings with the users and the team in charge of the IT systems providing data 
  • Report to management on progress and issues 


  • Master Degree required
  • Minimum 11 years of working experience in IT sector
  • Experience in building and implementing NLP systems
  • In depth knowledge of information systems matters 
  • In depth knowledge of web application development frameworks 
  • Knowledge of Natural Language Processing techniques and applications 
  • Familiar with software environment for statistical computing and graphics like R.
  • Experience in HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Asynchronous Javascript and Xml (Ajax), SOAP, REST
  • Knowledge of HTML5 and JQUERY,
  • Strong capacity in preparing and writing studies 
  • Language: English.

Experience in the following, would be considered an asset:

  • Knowledge and experience in Data dissemination and exploitation 
  • Experience with cross-project coordination on software project involving interoperability
  • Knowledge of SAP Business Object
  • Knowledge of NoSQL database management 
  • Proven knowledge in information systems matters, with one or more of the expected technologies such AS, Lucene, Python, D3, Ruby 2.2, Elasticsearch 2.3, Kibana 4.0, Kibi 3.0, SQLite, Leaflet, Git  
  • Knowledge in XML HTTP Request, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, Angular JS





10 Months

Possible extension for: 12 Months

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