Burning Bridges

Never burn bridges Never burn bridges. We have heard it many times but here is the reason why. There is a much better way to get back at people than burning bridges. The hard thing is patience. [...]

Grow from daily work

Consider daily work as an opportunity 80% of us don’t like our jobs. So, there are three things we can do: find another job, keep suffering, do our best to use the current job to “graduate” to [...]


9-5 is Outdated For office jobs, employees are expected to be productive from 9 am to 5 pm. Let’s face it. First, we are most productive for around 3 hours a day. But in a day with 24 hours and [...]

Top Questions

Top Interview Questions Candidates are tired of being asked their strengths and weaknesses. And they are prepared to answer knowing what the interviewer wants to hear. There are also tricks to [...]

Online Interviewing

Online Interviews It seems like online interviews are a hate-love-story. Recruiters either hate them or love them. For positions that have a high number of applicants with similar qualifications, [...]

Beat the System

Recruiting Software is Evil! Or is it? The idea of having recruiting software is to help candidates find a better job faster and to help recruiters find better candidates faster. Like database [...]

HR Today

The Medieval Roles of HR: Inquisitioner, Executioner and Servant What do employees think when they are called to the HR office unexpectedly? They are most likely thinking did anyone complain [...]

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